The mission of Discovery Charter Preparatory School is to expand access to higher education. We provide the skills students of all achievement levels will need to reach their highest academic potential.

Our Vision

We, the faculty, staff, and stakeholders of Discovery Charter Preparatory School envision a safe and nurturing learning environment in which instruction is rigorous and meaningful. We are dedicated to closing the achievement gap for our students by providing them with supportive, individualized attention and high expectations for academic success.  We believe that every student can overcome obstacles and make college a reality.

Expected School Wide Learning Results

Every student who graduates from Discovery Charter Preparatory School will be:

Effective Communicators who:
Write and speak competently.
Utilize technology skillfully.
Articulate opinions with supporting evidence.
Exchange ideas cooperatively.

Critical Thinkers who:
Read and write with power and comprehension.
Identify problems and use various strategies to reach solutions for academic challenges.
Process, synthesize, and evaluate information.
Responsible Individuals who:
Respect themselves, other people, and property.
Contribute to their community.
Exercise personal and academic self discipline.
Create plans, options, and opportunities for the future.